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Kyra's Pack - Alpha Group


19 March 2015 at 22:53:28 MDT

And enough with the teasers. Here is the first pic of my characters reworked. This first one focuses of the senior members of Kyra's Pack. Senior because these five are the original members according to the story that both wolfganghm and me worked on. wow, such a change from last time I drew them as you can see.

Here's their biographies for you all to check, from left to right:

Mars Erickson
Edward Mars Erickson: Kyra's nephew who was long obsessed with werewolves even before becoming one. His knowledge over this was helpful and resourceful for Kyra and Rosco right after they became ones. Mars stuck up with them in hope they will accept him and turn him, after he noticed Kyra had no intentions he drank the blood of a recently deceased werewolf, becoming himself one. He hopes to succeed Kyra one day as the Alpha of the pack, although it's not likely considering his attitude of thinking himself almighty. Even tho, he's caring for his pack members. He has a weird obsession with can openers.

Rosco Brooks
Nathaniel Roscoe Brooks: The pack's Beta. Rosco was a farmer in the countryside of England in the 18th century. Married and with kids, Rosco had always his hands full with responsibilities. In a werewolf attack on his village he lost his family, in fact, he was the only survivor from the entire village. Bitten on the leg, he became a werewolf along with Kyra. They were jailed and due to executed before their first transformation but were saved by Joseph Griffin, who taught both him and Kyra everything about their new condition. It's known that Rosco represses his feelings over his family and has grown to adapt himself to be a parental figure for the pack and Kyra's right hand. On recent days he manages the restaurant the pack owns, as a side hobby, he loves motorcycles.

Kyra Erickson
Kyra Erickson: The pack's Alpha. In the 18th century she was a soldier of the British Army. In a weird move by her superiors she was sent to defend a village with her battalion, only to get slain by werewolves. Kyra was the only survivor along with one villager: Rosco. While imprisoned, Kyra and Rosco got to know each other as well as a guard who turned to be another werewolf: Joseph Griffin, who helped them escape and teach them how to run a werewolf pack. After Joseph's death, Kyra was named the alpha by unanimous decision due her battling experience and ability to work with people. She later discovered that she was set up to die in that village to retrieve her necklace, which is one of the two keys to unleash the Omega Vampire Elaine. Up to this day she defends that key and has formed one of the strongest werewolf packs ever.

Jaime Griffin
Jaime Josephine Griffin: Daughter of one of the founders, Joseph Griffin and last known survivor of the Griffin family. Her family was the most powerful werewolf leaders of the 17th and 18th centuries until the fall of the Griffin Pack. Joseph, son of the Alpha was the only known survivor who stumbled for a while trying to find people worth for a pack, eventually finding Kyra and Rosco. Joined later by Mars and Chris, they started the yet at the time unnamed pack. Joseph fell in love with a human woman, Stella, who he eventually married and later gave birth to their only child Jaime. Few months later, Stella was accused of sorcery and burned alive, Joseph, who tired to save her, was also killed by an angry mob. Jaime was raised by the other 4 members and grew to be Kyra's left hand with her tactician skills and knowledge. Her necklace is the second key to unleash the Omega Vampire Elaine.

Chris White
Christopher White: Chris was a young boy when he met Kyra and Rosco. Son of a prison guard, friend and coworker of Joseph. Chris was afraid of werewolves due to the prison manager locking him up with a chained feral werewolf before (that's where he got the scars on his face); however, he soon learned that they weren't that bad after socializing with Kyra, Rosco and Joseph. The night they escaped from prison, his father stood behind to elaborate a cover for their escape; however, was discovered and executed. Chris tagged along with the pack, at times taking care of a baby Jaime. At age 18, Chris fell ill with the same mysterious disease that took his mother's life when he was 3. Afraid of dying, he asked to be turned into a werewolf to save his life, something Kyra conceded. Chris is the more gentle of the senior males, loves to read and often competes with Jaime to see who has more knowledge.

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