Certified Late Check-In by HornetV2

Certified Late Check-In


17 August 2015 at 00:33:46 MDT

Another Certified tag from marymouse marymouse XD

If you missed the story of this badge, here's in short:
Half way to the airport for my Anthrocon trip (my flight was to depart at 6:30, remember that), I realized with horror I forgot Toby's head. So I called a cab that picked me up at 5:00 AM after waiting for a bit for it, we were at my place at 5:20, where I swiftly retrieved the head and got back on the cab. We made it to PDX (Portland International Airport) at 5:45. Guy was fast! So he earned a good tip!
I get in a long line to check in, but advanced fast. I checked in at 6:00, and was given the warning that my bags may not make it in the flight, didn't care, just check in. Lady in counter at Southwest told me: "I am not supposed to let you in being this close to departure, but you may be lucky, so RUN!"
There I go! Long line on TSA! But made it at 6:20 to the front. To my luck, somehow that stupid metal detector said I had something on my shoulder, so they put me aside and padded me. This took not much time and was let go at 6:25. Five minutes to run through the entire C terminal! So I ran as fast as I could and barely made it to my gate after the last people were boarding XD!
So there I am on the plane, sweating like if I just went out of the gym and agitated... so I fell asleep.
Arriving at Buffalo International Airport (Flew there to drive down with siberiacopper siberiacopper faustwolf faustwolf & mmacage) I was hoping my bags made it... AND THEY DID! But they had the lovely tag that Hornet is holding in the picture. And if you saw me at AC, it was Joe's idea to laminate it and wear it as a badge. He also mentioned that "Southwest just did it to show everyone I was THAT guy." So thanks for the shame Southwest! XD.

And that's what inspired this certified badge! Thanks again to Mary Mouse for an amazing work. ^^

Artwork © Mary Mouse
Hornet © Me

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    oh wow, what a story! That's really awesome that everything worked out, and Marymouse did a great job capturing it!

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      Indeed ^^ Thanks!

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    You're lucky. I missed my flight back home from MFF by five minutes.

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      This was from Anthrocon X3 As I mentioned, I missed my flight as well at Chicago