Special Agent: Aiden Wolfe by Hootley

Special Agent: Aiden Wolfe


3 May 2014 at 20:16:53 MDT

i made a journal asking for guinea pigs a week or so ago idk. aidenwolfe on fa gracefully put their sona up on the chopping block~ the other guinea pigs in this journal may not get one of these, by the way! i'm using them for mock ups for any ideas i have. (and, since i hate drawing my own characters for whatever reason, why not give people some free art?)

this product was the result of marathoning season 1 of x-files and the abundance of ID-esque badges lately. i, by no means, mean any harm making this and wanted to put my own little spin on the FBI clip on badges~ like you see mulder wearing here http://www.hollywoodhistoryonline.com/zencart/bmz_cache/f/f4a8affaa8b6fbd8ea21e5c913239d84.image.440x332.jpg

regardless if i do offer these or not (i want to play around with the back side of the card a little more), this was fun to make!

(and if i do offer to make these, practically everything will be customisable! FBI, special agent, the paw print, what the back says, agent portrait, and the colours can all be changed to your liking.) ((just wanted to say that now!))

the portrait, pawprint, and signature are all drawn by me. fonts used are either standard to my computer or fonts labeled '100% free' from dafont.com

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