Rin Shirozaki - Headshot by HoneybeeMaren

Rin Shirozaki - Headshot


23 June 2017 at 19:52:08 MDT

Here’s the third and final set of headshots for the “Dragons of Beat” Project. These are all of the Asahi Town Ouendan as dragons.

As to what happened as to cause them to become dragons? A bored “Demi-god” dragon from the Megalakanus universe did it. It should also be noted that these guys also possess control over ice due to their encounter with said bored “Demi-god”.

Once again, this is more or less my interpretation of the groups as dragons. Also: Because I’ll probably not get the Full-body artworks done for a while, here’s a quick descriptions as to what they look like as a whole.

  • All have a long mane (most going to to the end of their tail and wraps around the tip; the only exceptions are Kaoru and Tsuyoshi (Kaoru has shoulder-length mane and a tuft of fur on his tail whilst Tsuyoshi has no mane or fur to speak of.))

  • They look pretty much like a traditional Japanese dragon otherwise for their defining character traits. (Ie: they have long, serpentine bodies and only 3 toes on each foot)

  • Kaoru also is the only one who wears a cape, but everyone wears a white armband with the Encouraging Nobility’s logo on their front left leg.

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