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Hello, hello~! I'm HoneybeeMaren (AKA: MirroredAreiado, AKA.... I have way too many monikers... XD)! I'm an Autistic Resogender individual who is constantly and frantically working on over 200+ interlocking projects at once. Do expect a lot of fan art, original content, and otherwise noted cropping up from who-knows where on here at various spontaneous timeframes. If you need a reference of my pronouns, I'm fine with either the neo set of Ne/Nem/Neir or the common They/Them.

... Again, uploads may be very sporadic... Especially since I'm either easily distracted or constantly being pulled away from my own work to deal with someone else's superfluous annoyances.

Mood/Emotional State Currently:

*Cackling like a mad... errr.... artist(?) at finding an accidental parallel between two characters*

Commission Information Hub

[What do you mean "Commission Info"? There's none here!!!]

Commission To-Do List


Trade Info Hub

[TotallyDifferentFromCommissions... Right?]

Trade To-Do List

[... Just so I'm not forgetting these... Also: That way people can kick my rear if I forget a thing...]

Request Info Hub

[Uhh... WHY??? Well... Commission != Trade != Request regarding the content and rules that I go by for each.]

Request To-Do List

[Yeah... So I'm not going Space Metronome and forgetting all I am asked to do.]

Latest Journal

Cleanup and Expansion


Finally got some creative burst kicking me into gear.

Besides stuff involving adjustments to my Evernote (which things from won't exactly be linked here because it's for my personal notes only...), I finally got around to rearranging albums on here as well as removing some artwork that didn't exactly look very good.


Now. To hopefully get some semblance of a concept I'm working on sketched out and submitted to here... XD

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    Thanks for the follow, hun. Hope to be seeing you around! :3

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      No problem. ^^ Hopefully I'll be able to add something new to here within the next couple of weeks.