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(temp) commission price guide-closed by Honeebunny

(temp) commission price guide-closed


temp guide because it's taken me four days or something to even get it this far, jeez. text should be easily visible this time i hope. there's a third option, i'll do basic shading too. but i didn't get the picture shaded and i wanted this up before i go to bed.

gaia items belong to gaia obviously, not me.

copypasta from old price sheet:

my guide only shows female kemonomimis, because that's my preference and what i'm best at; however, i can draw furries too, just check out my gallery and scraps for examples :3

full size is available on my da, here:

unless noted otherwise, additional characters are 2/3 the price of the first character.

for a guide on how much is in each type:
for terms of service:
for written price guide: (i'll update this eventually)
for rush fees, complex characters, and commission extras:

art and bunny by me, honeebunny honeebunny

i like to draw: females, kemonomimis, humans, fancy clothes, cute or elegant things
i'm not good at: weapons, vehicles, robotics, machinery, mechanical things (these will cost extra)
i will not draw: anything that would require an adult tag, most fetishes, drug or alcohol use, anatomically correct nudity ('clean' or 'tasteful' nudity is fine)

if it isn't listed, then feel free to ask me, or check my gallery/scraps. if i've drawn it before, then i'll most likely have no problem drawing it again :3

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