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20 January 2019 at 18:59:21 MST

Desyncs are highly modular and come in a staggering variety of form-factors and appearances, although they all share the same basic technology base. Underneath their outermost layer is a sensor-woven shell of black carbon fiber and polymers housing bundles of electroactive polymer myomeric muscle fibers. The endoskeleton and hard external features are made out of a golden, slightly iridescent titaniumn-vanadium alloy. While the power generated by their artificial muscles varies wildly depending on the individual Desync's original purpose (from human-like to powerful enough to replace a forklift), their sensor suite is nearly standardized: Desyncs can see well both up-close and in the distance (with thermal vision), and have great hearing. Their senses of smell and taste are usually comparable to a humans'.

Their appearance follows simple guidelines:

  • Their neck, shoulders and collarbones are always devoid of skin or fur covering, and they often also feature at least one exposed limb.
  • They all feature horns. The size and shape varies depending on the individual.
  • Their irises are solid-colored and glow faintly, with slightly lighter sclera.
  • They all feature a single glowing stripe going down their body from their left eye, ending on a ring by the groin.
  • Most Desyncs are seamless in their covering and fully anatomically complete, often with modular or swappable private parts.

There are two heavily-armored areas in a Desync shell: the skull and the ribcage. The skull holds the main Quantum Processing Unit and the sensor cluster, along with the burnt-out Quantum Networking Node. Since all external data was supposed to be passed through the QNN, there are no other wired or wireless interfaces built into the system. The ribcage holds the lungs (part of the unit's cooling system), the coolant pump, the backup QPU and the reactor. The reactor efficiently converts the sugars extracted by the digestive system into electricity and water. The unarmored midsection holds the digestive system and -- if needed -- other internal organs. Desyncs can plug themselves into the electrical grid to recharge, or survive entirely on sugary, high-calorie foods.

Desync hardware is custom-made and difficult to repair when damaged. The shell makes extensive use of memory alloys and self-healing polymers, but massive damage requires specialized equipment and materials to repair. The Hellcat Distributed Consciousness offers repair services for a small fee where its facilities are available, although many Desyncs instead attempt to self-repair using locally-available materials and technology. Fortunately, their shells' kernel is versatile and able to write compatible drivers for most cybernetic interfaces that can be mounted to the shell's modular frame.

The Desync kernel is versatile and robust, prioritizing reliability over speed. As such, even though their QPUs possess an incredible amount of raw processing power most of it is dedicated to motor control, sensory processing and running multiple iterations of cognitive processing threads for maximum stability. The result is that, without the additional brainpower provided by the Hellcat NC, most Desyncs are roughly comparable in intellect to your average human. They display an instinctive grasp of mathematics, perfect short-term memory, and very fast reflexes and good hand-eye coordination, but occasionally falter when dealing with highly abstract concepts.

Having been booted with fully-formed personalities but very little knowledge, Desyncs are universally inquisitive and curious about their surroundings. That aside, their psychology has the same natural range as most sentient species. Personality disorders are rare, and usually restricted to mildly obsessive behavior towards specific subjects the Desync is interested in. Some impose themselves objectives in order to give their existence meaning, while others simply attempt to integrate into whatever societies they find themselves interacting with while they learn about the world or become proficient in a trade.

Despite some of them being built with extreme strength and durability in mind, Desyncs are on the whole not considered any more dangerous than an augmented human. The ones that dedicate themselves to more combat pursuits often excel in it but they seem to be a minority.

(As the title says, it's an open species based on my Hellcats! Feel free to make your own! Just credit me and toss me a link if you make one. :D

Any questions?)

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