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Pumped Up Kicks [Inflation, Popping] by holodrom

Pumped Up Kicks [Inflation, Popping]


8 January 2016 at 14:40:46 MST

So I ended up showing the previous piece to Cavi and Raggon, who drew the idea originally. Raggon liked it so much, that he commissioned something similar for himself, but with a more exciting end, shall we say.
It took a lot of revision to get this piece to where I was happy with it, I gotta say. The first draft felt a lot more rough than usual, and I can't really say why I struggled with it so much. But I got it to a place that I liked, and Raggon was happy with it too, so it's all good I suppose!

Raggon (c) bluraggon

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Literary / Story


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    YAY! Still awesome!

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      Glad you like it!

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    Finally got a chance to sit down and read this! Absolutely loved the concept with these shoes and the whole written story. The idea of forgetting the key and the situation that would cause is amazing.

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      I'm very glad you like it Bod! I can't take credit for the shoes idea, but I did the best I could with them. ^^

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    Really loved reading both of these stories, heck of a concept brought to life here!

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      Ah gosh, thank you! I'm really very glad to hear that.