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I hate this site. I can not post a NON pornographic fursuit picture because it said "Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. it will be graded". Heck the words are not even profane! because I am holding this sign. You can see this picture on inkbunny and FA and other places as well. The internet hides nothing. Anything that some feminist doesn't like gets taken down because oh it will cause all the fursuiter to get molested at a con. Did everyone just loose there brain cells? One picture means everyone is going to loose their shit and all sudden everyone is going to molest everything in eyesite? Really??? This really upsets me to no end that anyone would assume that population is that stupid.

People who do not know me, never met me all off a sudden think I am a totally bitch because refuse to apologize to a bunch of rape victims over a photo they found offensive. When did their rape become my problem! I NEVER assaulted anyone and the photo was not taken with any malice once so ever. I have showed the photo over and over to many people who all LAUGH! Yes all those people LAUGHED at the photo cause they found it funny. Not just me.. but lots of other furries and non furries alike. It was never about bashing rape victims. It was never about making fun of anyone but myself.

If I had been a MALE and posted with the same sign, that would someone how be OK but because I am a girl, my picture gets taken down. because some other girl got offended and it didn't like it. Because some feminist drama llama bored ass teenager somewhere got butt hurt because I didn't like them making snarky comments on my page. SERIOUSLY! I do not have a right to get pissed when people attack me! or make snarky comments on my page! If I go to someone else's page and make the same remarks, I am in trouble. What is so hard about not watching me if you don't like me or the things I post! It is sooo simple!

As I result, and the pure lack of support. I do not feel I can post anything here without being attacked for it in some way. The funny thing is, that I am a non sexual furry! I never post anything truly dirty at all and if anyone knows me anything about me, I go to great lengths to help other in their time of need. I give stuff away for free, I draw for free, and I am constantly doing something nice for other people. I do not go around tearing others down and I try to be best friend anyone could have. But here I get nothing but disrespect from the administration..

Weasyl you severely disappoint me..

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    Hey, Thanks for following. I love your suit, really looking forward to seeing your new one too!

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    Hey hey, thanks for the friend!

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    Hi there Holly! I wish you had told me you had a Weasyl account. I have added you and requested to be a friend.

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    I thank ye my fair lassie!!!

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    i founds you ^.^

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    Yes you are here!!!

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    Love you

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      AWWWWWW Wuv you too