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Panther Bestiary Page by HollyAnn

Panther Bestiary Page


8 January 2014 at 06:57:48 MST

I made this for our SCA Yule Feast, in which our neighbours, The Shire of Panther Vale, were hosting time around. It was supposed to be for their gift table, in which someone would go over and pick out a pick out a gift - you give a gift, you get a gift. Unfortunately, we backed out at the last minute due to a snow storm, and this pretty little thing didn't make it...but I'll be keeping it around for when we go to their next event in May: Panteria :)

It's, once again, my own take on the medieval panther, based from various medieval bestiaries that I've come across. The illuminated capital T was decorated in a way that was based from a capital letter from the Luttrell Psalter - since I loved it so much, I just had to try it ;)

The illumination itself is 5x7" on hotpress watercolour paper, ink, geniune 23.75k gold leaf, and gouache. The capital T is smaller than an American quarter and can easily hide behind it, along with most of the little box it's in.

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    that was a good short story you did here and I like the illustration too.

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    Oooh! Your illumination and scribal is LOVELY! What a beautiful piece! Huzzah!

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      Thanks! =D I still kinda suck at calligraphy, I honestly should practice it's usually the reason why I just stick to illuminations XD