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Get to know me!

on 24 January 2014 at 03:40:50 MST

What's your real name?

How tall are you?
About 168cm

What's your natural hair color?

What's your eye color?
Light blue-gray

What's your orientation?
Everything, anything, anytime

Are you single, taken or undecided?

What do you do in your spare time?
Artsies, videos and editing, games and watch pictures of big cats.

What's your job or occupation?
Cook and a freelancer at this point, still studying for more.

What do you like about yourself?
I'm not boring. I'm not a whiny bitch. I'm not your ordinary neighborhood teenageer.

What do you dislike about yourself?
Basicly - a lot lot lot lot of stuff.

What did your friends notice about you when they first met you?
Some have said my eyes and small pupils, some say my animalish expressions and talking.

What is your belief/religion if you believe in anything at all?
Totemism is not a religion, but I think it fits here. Also, I believe in luck.

Do you drink?

Do you smoke?
Sometimes, my body enjoys nicotine like sugar. Also water pipe.

What are your major fears?
That I will never truly do those things I dream about. That I choose the wrong decisions. That I become like my parents.

Do you have any dreams or goals?
Lots. Let's leave it there~

Have you ever had a crush or an ex?
Lot's of ex's.. A few hard crushes.

Who's your best buddy?
I've got a few of them.. They know who they are. ^w^

What's your favorite dish?
Basicly even tho I'm a cook, I love everything unhealthy like fast food. But I also enjoy potato smash with vegetables and maybe chicken.

What's your favorite drink?
Dunno. Tea is great.

What's your favorite color?
RAINBOW! Uh, I can't decide.. Black, white, blues and oranges.. dark purples... Just look at my fursona and you'll know.

If you had a super power, what would it be?
Mind control.

What's your favorite movie?
i don't know. Rottatouille is my most seen movie. (We are talking about +30 times seeing that one) but TLK goes over it.

What's your least favorite food?
Everything half-cooked and basicly meat. FISH. FISH SO MUCH. Ew. I also specially hate spenach, broccolli and zucchini.. Ewewew.

What's the last meal you want before you die?
I'll go with a lot of booze instead of food.

What do you drive and what would you really like to drive?
I don't have a car, and I don't really want one. Old vintage cars are cool tho.

What is your most disliked bug?
DIsliked bug? I dunno. Cockroaches I think.

What pet peeves do you dislike the most?
People who don't let me talk or interrupts me starting with another conversation. Talking over.

What do you dislike in life?
A lot of things. See 'what do you hate in yourself' part.

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