As a person, I'm pretty reserved. I'm 22 years old and almost finished getting my AA Degree.
I love cats. I work at an English/Dressage boarding stable. And I draw a lot of dogs. I just really love animals.

I'm a SIM junkie. I frequent websites like Lioden, Chickensmoothie, and Alacrity-Sim.
If you ever wanna talk about them or really anything, I'd be happy for the chatter.

Like my statuses say, I'm closed for everything. So please don't ask me for artwork. I don't answer messages regarding them since it's already plainly states I'm not open. I also do not hold waiting lists as they stress me out. Apologies for any inconveniences guys <3 I do it for the sake of being as productive as possible.



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New Here

on 22 January 2014 at 06:20:42 MST

Heya guys!

It's very cool to work at getting familiar with a site all over again, and so far I'm happy with Weasyl's features. The ability to upload transparent images without wrecking the quality is a big thing for me, since I'm very fond of transparents. And of course, it's refreshing to distance myself from dA's poor copyright enforcement along with FA's disagreeable staffing.

For those of you who don't know me, I go by Hlaorith or Rabbit on many websites such as Lioden, Alacrity-Sim, Flight Rising, DeviantArt, and Wolf-Haven (I'm a SIM junky).

I feel sorta out of my element here, though. It seems like a lot of the content submitted is either pornographic or leaning towards it, and is dominantly anthro. Is it possible for more feral, clean-themed artists to create a space here and actually get feedback? I truly am curious. I have no plans to change the way I make my living and do my work just to fit into a community. Smut isn't my strong point, and anthro is something I need to be in the right mood to draw.

Are there any other clean feral artists on here? I'd love to see your work! Anyone's welcome to poke me and say hello. I'm excited to get to know people around here! :D

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    YAY! watches here too Also didn't know you were on CS! Same name?

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    I was wondering when you'd join =D
    Welcome to Weasyl ^^

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    love love

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    Your ferals are amazing! I love the details you put into them... I've been trying to find a fursona/design that I'm happy with for years now and I just haven't been able to come up with something I'm happy with, but looking at your designs really gives me hope of one day finding what I'm looking for :) Thank you!

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    thank you for the watch amigo

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    You lovely person you<3