a hyena from a dream by heytanuki

a hyena from a dream


4 January 2014 at 18:40:05 MST

A hyena guy from my dream last night. I was super lost in San Antonio and he was supposed to show me where to go. But he was really easily distracted and we got even loster. It was a typical stress dream with a pervasive feeling of disappointing someone. I think I was supposed to meet someone somewhere, but it didn’t work out. We ended up at an unrelated place and had ice cream sandwiches.

I specifically remember the backpack and his shirt and pants being a bit tight. He was dimwitted but pretty fun to be with.

First real drawing of 2014, not a bad warmup. Tried some different things: did a sketch, layed down flat colors, erased lines that didn't need to be there (though i guess i liked the sketchiness in some places and left it), eventually erased most of the lines and redid them in a related color if they needed to stay, and shaded... somehow. I really have no idea how to shade. I'm dumb like that. I thought about it less like "okay it needs to be dark HERE and not THERE" and more like a way to show curvature. I guess I'll figure it out someday?????????

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