Marge "Arin" Corniel by heyitsmyles

Marge "Arin" Corniel


12 July 2016 at 01:55:48 MDT

Marge “Arin” Corniel

Species: Binturong (AKA: Bearcat)
Nicknames: Krispy, Arin (prefered name)
Age: 21
Relatives: Butterpop (older sister), Gheena (her mother), “Unknown Father”

Witty but quick to a temper. Her temper is mostly a result of being picked on for being short. She likes to read, intelligible but doesn’t apply herself. She doesn’t care that you find it funny that she buys her clothes from places similar to Spencer’s or Hot Topic, When she does apply herself, she can show great understanding to a problem or take note of what’s truly important. She likes to bug her sister a lot, especially when she’s at work.