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Dodrio Variants


12 May 2015 at 19:03:11 MDT

Big project I was working on with Dodrio variants. Here's a list of them all plus a little flavor blurb:

-Tank (Noivern): Prized for their unmatched prowess in battle but almost impossible to train. Unpredictable, and wild, these dodrio require a very skilled trainer to be even feesable in battle.

-Marathon (Archeops): Dodrio are known endurance runners, and this variant doubles that standard. Able to run for days without tiring, in a variety of different climates with little difficulty.

-Show (Pidgeot): Used widly in the show circuit, but almost useless in battle as the numerous long feathers are easily tangled around each other and the necks of the dodrio.

-Warrior (Braviary): Excellent guard pokemon utilized on ranches, mesh well with other species, very sociable. Need to be checked regularly for injuries, they will not show signs of pain or discomfort.

-Wooly (Swoobat); The only furred Dodrio variant, suitable for colder climates and makes a great family pokemon, very affectionate.

-Mafioso (Honchkrow): Extremely vain and territorial. Does not play well with other Pokemon until a heirarchy is established, usually with it on top.

-Pond (Farfetch'd): Not well suited for land mobility, but excellent endurance swimmers, and able to carry heavy loads across water.

-Toy (Sigiliph): The only known Dodrio variant capable of flight. More territorial than the Mafioso variant. Driven to protect vast areas of land. Despite the name, not suitable for children.

-Prehistoric (Aerodactyl): The preferred battle variant, more trainable than it's Dragon counterpart and stiz l competent in battle.

-Wildfire (Talonflame): Kicks more than pecks. Has incredibly strong legs and is suitable for colder climates. Good nest pokemon.

-Songbird (Altaria): A second favorite in the show circuit, more for the lovely voice than looks, but still seen frequently.

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    I'd still want a Toy Dodrio ngl