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Saviour by Heskynn (critique requested)

Saviour (critique requested)


‘Hal screamed when the inputs failed and instead the Wildcat lowered its head and rammed its immense shoulders against the side of the building. Floors collapsed, old concrete and cheap plaster rained down around them as the tank ploughed onward, crushing anything between it and its target as it went. A shrug and the roof caved in. […] Then a gap in the dust and debris and the Wildcat was pulling itself from the rubble. The blip on the radar was closer than ever and when the Wildcat looked up they both saw the tiny figure on the rooftop. The Metal Gear reared up and bellowed…’

Some of you may remember the original from two years ago. I’ve been redoing it for a presentation/project/thing that's been eating up my time TTATT was it worth it? I'm not sure.

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    Mechanics looks cool! And I like when the picture occurs some event, action! And details! Yeah!
    But they can confuse the viewer's eye %( When you do not identify main points by contrast, detailed, colors and etc - people can not see the plot. What are most important in picture??? - There are three objects that are equally strongly attracted the attention of: helicopter, robot, and girl. Yeah, maybe they're all important, but it is unclear in what sequence?
    And about composition. Helicopter and girl placed on the top of the picture. Girl's head already touch the edge. While bottom almost empty.
    I think if not to redo all the work - is enough to add something or someone in the empty bottom window. Yes, it adds more steps of composition, but it makes it square and more level.

    Sorry for my Russian English ^_^'

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      Yeah, those are all things that have bothered me since the original (and are far worse in the original) but sadly I only had time to paint over the original not redo it from scratch, I (think) I've come a long way in terms of composition since then, but there wasn't much I could do to fix this one.
      I'm not sure about how to fix order of importance however.

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    "Metal gear?!"


    Good job!