Bikini Harribel by Herr-Totenkopf (critique requested)

Bikini Harribel (critique requested)


12 November 2015 at 10:55:59 MST

Hello, dear people. Here it is, my latest drawing of beatiful and gorgeous Tres Espada Tier Harribel from Bleach anime and manga series. After my largest drawing of her (…) I decided to draw her more and when I saw lineart and work of Purple Haze of her (Ero Cosplay DREAM 3 (Purple Haze), I so wanted to try draw it myself and colour it using promarker colours.
All in all, it took like three days to draw lines, one day to reinforce those lines with black ink and about six days to colour her. Why so long to colour? Well, couple of times I ran out of crucial colours and didnt find them in any shop near me . So I had to order them from far. Hell it sure took for a while but damn I think it was worth it. She just looks so hot dont you think?
So the drawing is done using regular strenght HB pen, Faber and Castel inks and colouring using Promarker inks. So hope you people like it. Comments are welcomed and highly appreciated.
Note: I do not own the original lines and desing and Harribel and Bleach. Original lines belong to Ero Cosplay DREAM 3 (Purple Haze) and Harribel and Bleach to Tite Kubo.

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