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Looking for musicians!

on 31 May 2013 at 09:03:17 MDT

Hello there folks!

I know that there is only a thin number of watchers that remained since I stopped to upload the pr0n from my FA page, altough of those who remained, are thare any musicians among you?

If so, would one of you me interested in a cameo? As in, write a piece of music together? Or maby somebody has written a piece of music already and wants me to contribute to it?

The reason why I am asking for this is quite simple; It ahs been way too long since I have had any contact with a composer whatsoever. I lost contact to alot of people due to me being a busy man but I'd love to get to know other people who make or compose music... or even just play an instrument and are interested in talking to me :3

Let me know if you wanna chat sometimes. I have Skype for eay IM's, do not hesitate to ask me!

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Cover Version

Cover Commissions open!
from € 10.00
to € 50.00

Okay so I will give this a try: I posted some cover versions in my "Voice of the Apocalypse" fodler to let you hear some examples of what I can do.

Was there ever a song you wanted to hear with different instruments? Ever asked yourself what an orchestral cover of the song you love most would sound like?

Well, here is your chance! I am offering to do cover versions of an existing song of your choice with the instrumentation of your choice!

Prices are as follows:

Cover with small string esamble + drumset : 10€

Cover with large string esamble +drumset: 20€

Full Orchestra: 50€

Any ethnic instruments (such as bagpipes, pan-flutes etc.): +5€ each

NOTE: The prices above are a rough guidline to let you choose what fits in your budget. If you ahve any speical wishes or questions, feel free to note me, I offer discounts if less instruments are used or if I find the piece interesting to work with :3


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    are you ever going to finish balloon boobs

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    Hey, man. I hope you're doing well. =)

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    Happy birthday, sweetie! I miss you... Hope all is well.

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    Hey broseph!

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    Hellos, Heros. X3

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    hey sorry i took forever, FA is bogus

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    I like you music! :3c

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    well at least i found you here. and i like BOTH your music and artwork.