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Centaur Adoptables by heresy-darling

Centaur Adoptables


20 January 2014 at 21:34:05 MST

I felt like drawing a centaur and ended up drawing lots of them!

I'm offering them as adoptables. $20 each. You can rename them, change hairstyles, colors, clothes, backstories, whatever. You can resell if you want as long as you don't sell for more than you paid for them. That's only fair, right?

1 - Rococo - A courtier. He is always impeccably dressed and is known for his scathing wit. His foppish appearance belies the fact that he is an accomplished swordsman and is never far from his sword cane.
Theme Song - "I Am You" - Depeche Mode

2 - Ice Princess - Princess of a northern hunting tribe. She is a skilled spearwoman and has a fondness for a particular crystal found deep in the ice caverns.
Theme Song - "Ice Queen" - Within Temptation

3 - Masala - Known for her beautiful singing voice, but what is less well known is that she can control flames. Her hooves are impervious to heat.
Theme Song - "Dance of Fate" - Epica

4 - Dusky Rose - Beautiful and shy. She lives deep in the forest in a cottage surrounded by her famous rosebushes...which seem strangely sentient. They grow unnaturally fast, come in a wide variety of colors, and can be distilled into perfumes which have different effects on their wearer.
Theme Song - "Where the Wild Roses Grow" - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

SOLD to almond on FA

5 - Wood Sprite - Acolyte of the Forest Guardian. A reclusive druid who rarely speaks but prefers to communicate telepathically.
Theme Song - "Kråkevisa" - Leaves Eyes

6 - Dark Lolita - She may appear sweet but is actually a handmaiden of Death. She isn't evil, but she appears during times of significant unrest and is therefore seen as an ill omen. She escorts souls to the Underworld, but when she isn't "working" she enjoys baking pastries.
Theme Song - "Dystopia" - KMFDM

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