Can You Feel My Heart? by Hemuset

Can You Feel My Heart?


22 February 2018 at 01:53:24 MST

Can you help the hopeless?
Well, I'm begging on my knees
Can you save my bastard soul?
Will you ache for me?

Zeph placed his hand gently on Karith's arm, and with a tired smile said "Don't sacrifice yourself so much for me, my friend. You've already done so much." the Dragonborn looked down, staring at the shadows below the Wood Elf's eyes. She didn't respond right away, instead carefully examining his face. For a brief moment, it wasn't him who she was looking at, but her dead band members. She blinked, smiled, and weakly responded "...Thanks. You're too good to me, Zeph." watching as he walked ahead of her. Fear began to swell in the Dragonborn's heart; was she not strong enough? She had failed her band, and she had failed Zephaniah, twice, even though it had been out of her control. Her former pride as an Officer had been long snuffed out, but she pulled out the emblem, tightly clenching it in her hand.

She had to push forward for them, for Zeph. She loved them all dearly.

A bit of an "edgy", or dark, piece, although honestly, anything will get called edgy nowadays.
I had a bit of free time during the day, so I practiced drawing on my Samsung Tab. I only recently noticed it had a stylus, and after changing its launcher, it runs smooth enough for me to make more intricate pieces. Definitely gives me more freedom to draw closer to what I can do on paper.

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