Something Catch Your Eye? by HelzimGiger

Something Catch Your Eye?


20 May 2018 at 21:16:21 MDT

Aura yawned and stretched, so glad to finally be done with work. She looked out the window to see the moon high in the sky, wordlessly blaming it for her having to stay so long. She hastily cleaned up her desk, eager to get home. She crossed to the door of her office, rubbing her eyes, and shut it. The key turned the tumbler and locked her door. In the dim light, she thought she saw something on the door in her peripheral vision, and could smell flowers. The worgen looked up and saw a note hanging there, a rosebud pinned to it.

A most luxurious sight awaits!

Aura glanced around and spotted a thin trail of rose petals on the ground, leading away from her office and deeper into the building. She moved quietly, concerned that not a soul was around. She rounded the corner and saw the petals continue to the office of the treasurer. Flickering light came through the cracked doorway. It pushed open with a hushed creak, and Aura beheld numerous candles left lit, their flames gently dancing in the soft air of the room. The vault was also slightly ajar, still more golden light shining out of it. Her heart skipped a beat. Was the town being robbed? She stilled her breath and began to close on it to investigate when she spotted an open bottle of wine on a nearby desk, two glasses poured. One of them had clearly already been sampled, the legs still apparent on the sides of the glass and the semicircle of someone's plush lips marking the rim where they had drank from the dark vintage. Next to the bottle was another note:

Don't worry, the guards know I'm here!

There was a little heart scrawled after it. In the brighter light, she could finally recognize the handwriting. It was clearly skillful and flowing in its shape, but unused to both the pen and the shape of the letters: Miyuki. She took the other glass from the table and sipped it, walking up to the vault. She could hear soft tinkling from inside. Aura shrugged and pulled open the vault door to see what waited inside.

And then she froze. There stood her wife, draped in thin violet silks edged with gold thread and small beads. Her hips swayed back and forth as she turned on her feet, slow sweeping gestures of her arms following and accentuating every curve of her voluptuous body. Miyuki faced Aura, arms held high as she rolled her belly, body moving back and forth in slow, controlled waves. The worgen's mouth dropped open as she watched the graceful undulations and it made the pandaren grin. She gave a shimmy and stopped, arms partly aloft as she held the shawl close, the sheer fabric hugging her motherly hips as she pulled on the ends.

"See something you like, dear?"
"You..." Aura tried to swallow but her throat felt dry. She quickly drank down some of the wine in her hand, partly to wet her mouth and partly to give her a little liquid courage, hoping its warmth would help her focus enough to talk. When she lowered her eyes Miyuki had turned her back to her again, her pelvis twisting this way and that, her generous rear faintly visible through the silk. What was it Aura wanted to say? Something about misuse of... She couldn't remember. It must not have been important. She downed the rest of the glass, set it down, and crossed to her lover.

Quite the luxurious sight indeed...

Art by Jasmae Jasmae
Aura (not pictured) © Aurastrasza
Miyuki © HelzimGiger HelzimGiger

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