Can You Feel Them? by HelzimGiger

Can You Feel Them?


5 July 2017 at 21:02:23 MDT

I was originally going to write a story for this but time got away from me. I can't abide leaving this offline any longer, it's just too sweet of an image. It's a slow morning for Miyuki, not the least of which because of the extra weight she's carrying. While stretching and getting her stiff joints to start working, she feels a sudden flutter from her womb, her babes doing their own wake-up stretches. She quickly waves Helius to come to her and share in the experience, and he gleefully presses his cheek and ear to her belly, just able to make out the gentle movements of his cubs within.

Art by LavenderPandy LavenderPandy
Helius © AlphaHelius
Miyuki © HelzimGiger HelzimGiger

Original art can be found here.