Lucia and the Little Bigfurs [GIFT] by hellcatXD

Lucia and the Little Bigfurs [GIFT]


28 November 2014 at 08:17:16 MST

Some random drawing I did as a gift for a few people I met on Bigfurs as a small 'thank you' pic ;)

A few familiar faces too over here.
This was also a small try at a -cleaner- style some wanted me to try, which I personally feel fits more illustrations/single scenes than my other sketchy/rough comic style. I feel some details were lost when cleaning up the whole thing.

So yeah, this drawing features:

mannoth's Tali

All hanging on to this big lady's foot!
And yes, the headset is about to fall from her head, those definitely aren't designed for anthros.


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      gah seems I forgot editing a few things when writing this