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Mint Coati Mini Figure / FOR SALE by Heist The Sheep

Mint Coati Mini Figure / FOR SALE

Heist The Sheep

I have recently started making artwork bundles (which include a reference sheet, a laminated badge and either a poly clay mini-figure or a watercolour nude) depicting one of a kind characters designed by me. These character packs will be listed on FurBuy and I will add the buyer's chosen details and little alterations (if desired, for instance I could add tattoos or jewellery items to the character) to the pieces before mailing them the finished pack.

Once you have bought the pack, you have full rights to use the character however you choose, whether it be for role play, as your fursona or anything else in between. Please keep it in mind to credit me for the original design as it is nice to be appreciated and this will hopefully help me to get more folks interested in my art (:

This pack is the first of many more to come, a very sassy minty hued coati, keep an eye out for her on FurBuy! ^.^

UPDATE: Auction is now live

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture


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    cute fig~
    I like the idea of these bundles, probably wouldn't spring for it personally just cuz' I'm more of a DIY kinda guy but I can definitely see the appeal!

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      Thank you ^.^ Yeah, I'm the same. I love making my own characters, which is exactly why I love making these packs. It offers me the chance to be creative without the limitations which come with taking commissions (:

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    Oh, neat! I'd been a mint-furred coati for a while, although some magic types got me back to normal.

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      I really like crazy, unique colour palettes, although I must admit that there is something timelessly appealing about naturally coloured characters. Also thumbs up for coatis, they are such awesome little animals!