Pastelcritter (LOOKING FOR NAME SUGGESTIONS) by Hedgehodge (critique requested)

Pastelcritter (LOOKING FOR NAME SUGGESTIONS) (critique requested)


21 February 2013 at 04:20:37 MST

I sketched up a critter design and then colored it with this pastel-y colorscheme. Drew Doggy next to him to give a sense of scale (she's pretty much human sized... like around... um, 5'9"??? I have no clue)

I imagine that during flight the arms and legs turn into another pair of wings and some tails/flight stabilizing things respectively.

I was planning on making this my new fursona/avatar but then decided against it. If you have any suggestions for a name for this guy, do tell me.

drew him while listening to sHimaU's susumu garden type 0002568

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    I don't have a name in mind, but maybe give it a dark/evil sounding name to go with its deceptively good natured looks.

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      That's just the colorscheme talking. if you forgot about them you'd still have a six-limbed blubbery flying horned creature with eight fucking eyes four of which are set in four of the limbs and the remaining four are set in an otherwise featureless face. also a bizarre inexplicable circle of glowing matter hovering/orbiting in the vicinity of said head.

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        Nah, not the color scheme talking, but rather your musical choice talking. ;) The overall design also lends well to a trickster type of personality. One that deceives you into thinking all is fine and well, but then it turns into something sinister.

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          or perhaps, appearance never had anything to do with behavior to begin with, so just because it confirms to someone's ideas of what looks nice and friendly never really meant it is/was one. Nor that it is/was ever intending to pretend it is/was nice.

          Splitting hairs here but with this guy I see something less "tricksy" and just more "incomprehensible" and generally just bizarre

          and I'm not quite sure how the music led to the impression you're getting!

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            I didn't listen to the songs, but it was the names of the tracks. That's all. And was just a suggestion like you asked for. ;)

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              "based off the names of the tracks" are you kidding me right now *is laughing*

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                Inspiration comes from everywhere. Take the suggestion or leave it. No need to be an asshat.

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                  I just think that if I say I was inspired to draw a creature by listening to some music tracks... and you legitimately want to help me give it a name, you'd kinda try LISTENING to the tracks yourself? I mean, it was the MUSIC, not the names of the tracks, that got me inspired to draw the critter. 6___9

                  I'll take your suggestion to give it a dark/evil sounding name and in any case I DID want a name that's kinda ominous anyway, so yes, thank you.

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    Lets all name characters after random words.