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The Missing Link by Hebeni

The Missing Link


"Camping in the Scape Ore swamp was something most everyone in the area grew up knowing was a bad idea. But the thought of finally catching the infamous Lizard Man on tape was too much to resist. I picked a dry spot near the main river running through the middle of the park and set up my tent, placing the camera outside on my tripod facing the water. I fell asleep to the song of the cicadas chirping, but was woken up a few hours later to the sound of splashing.

I scrambled out of my tent and got behind my tripod, panning the camera around to where the noise was coming from. A large mass emerged from the water, long spines and wet fur lifting from it's back, sharp teeth flashing in the moonlight. It's eyes glowed bright yellow (I wish I had thought to bring my color film instead) The beast crawled up from the swamp and sat on a log, staring me down. It seemed to have an almost sentient gaze, like it was trying to comprehend what I was. I stood up slowly from my camera, reaching my hand out as a sort of peace offering. But the creature slipped back into the water without a trace.

It was only when I got home that I realized most of what I had filmed was somehow corrupted, I assume perhaps something magnetic must have been sitting next to my camera. I did manage to get a few frames of the creature among the static. I think another visit to the swamp may be needed to get the image I need of this amazing monster."

Here we have the art for the Missing Link on! I was told that the creature for this toy should be something vaguely reptilian, but mostly unknown, a silhouette. Taking in my love of cryptid beasts and good knowledge of the swampy variety of them, I decided to base this guy on the Lizard Man of the Scape Ore Swamp in South Carolina.

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