HeavyHoss Growth Drive Part 3! by HeavyHoss

HeavyHoss Growth Drive Part 3!


16 October 2016 at 19:46:47 MDT

Thanks SO much to everyone for donating! This last bit has been quite a round, jumping all the way to 767.28lbs of STUFF! 92 gallons of water and who knows what else is already in there, what will be added next? You decide!

$5 buys 1 Gallon of whatever substance you like!
The more donations, the bigger he will get.
For every $100, another round will be released!
Drive will be complete when Hoss meets or exceeds capacity!

TO DONATE: Email me at heavy_hoss[at]yahoo.com with Subject: Growth Drive and tell me the amount you wish to donate, and YOUR Paypal address. DO NOT send funds directly to my Paypal! I can't accept them that way, and they will be rejected!

The proceeds from this drive will go to helping Seltkie and I cover living expenses while catching up on commissions, and getting her broken glasses fixed since the dog destroyed them! We're also saving up for our wedding at the end of the month, so a portion of proceeds will go to that as well!


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    Heh, got to admire how much heft you've given Hoss there. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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      You're welcome! -and hah! It weren't me. xD lol that's all those donating folks!