HeavyHoss Growth Drive 2! by HeavyHoss

HeavyHoss Growth Drive 2!


15 August 2016 at 00:18:52 MDT

The first checkpoint has been met -and exceeded somewhat! 36 gallons later, Hoss isn't looking quite as disinterested! Maybe the next pic will be a little easier on the poor Hoss?

$5 buys 1 Gallon.
The more donations, the bigger he will get.
For every $100, another round will be released!
Drive will be complete when Hoss meets or exceeds capacity!

TO DONATE: Email me at heavy_hoss[at]yahoo.com with Subject: Growth Drive and tell me the amount you wish to donate, and YOUR Paypal address. DO NOT send funds directly to my Paypal! I can't accept them that way, and they will be rejected!

The proceeds from this drive will go to helping Seltkie and I cover living expenses while catching up on commissions, and getting her broken glasses fixed since the dog destroyed them!

You walk into the control room and take your seat...