A Portal to the Unknown by HeavyHoss

A Portal to the Unknown


22 July 2016 at 20:54:17 MDT

A redraw of a SUPER old 2009 or so picture, second one I ever did with a tablet. Figured it'd be a good warm up for commissions tonight.

Lemme know what you guys think!


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    that horse needs atkins

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      Hahaha nooooo!!!!! 'Tis a fate crueler than death!

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        :O ish kind of a gross diet n e ways... i mean all you eat is meat .3. makes me wonder, with all the grease and salt in meat, wouldnt that like... damage your kidneys and liver and cholesterol and blood pressure? D: BUT I DIGRESS. xD

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    I've been following you since 2010 I believe and I knew your style changed but it's nice to have a side by side! Awesome work and progress.