The Unlocked Cellar by HeavyHoss

The Unlocked Cellar


21 October 2015 at 10:42:01 MDT

Hoss seems to have found his way into the cellar after someone's left it unlocked! He always knew he smelled delicious treats down there, but what could he have gotten into? All sorts of things are stored down there. Fertility pills for the vet, apples from the orchard, Halloween candy, liquor, even dry ingredients for the kitchen upstairs like rice, flour, and pasta!

Whatever it was, he's certainly had his fill, and then some! He's even gone to such an extent as to drink from the conveniently placed water spicket down there to try and ease his overindulgence.

What could happen next? :o


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    Something tells me that cellar is going to find itself corked pretty soon....

    Very nice sketch, thanks for sharing!

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    Well he didn't eat the barrels so there is a silver lining.