Bring the Wrecker by HeavyHoss

Bring the Wrecker


13 August 2015 at 15:57:46 MDT

'cause he's done it again...TOLD those guys the hall wasn't big enough! But nooo, the budget, the profit...

Done as a commission for a private commissioner. Hope you guys enjoy!


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    and now I must redact my previous statement. Normally you would see a small little car warning everyone of the incoming massive payload to prevent pileups on the highway, but it seems the little shetland pony in charge of such circumstances as these must be napping in some other stall.

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    This what happens when you follow Hoss' dietary regiment.

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    This pic reminds me of Fanimal's Tolhippo in truck with Rocky and Helbert. All smooshed and smothered side by side.