Daily FP: Human Figures by HeavyHoss

Daily FP: Human Figures


24 July 2015 at 09:51:56 MDT

The first in a set of daily sketch practices available to patrons only!

These pieces will be done each morning for about an hour via my Furstream channel, as well as being posted here! Content will range and rotate from humans, to animals, to anthros, and everything inbetween! My primary focus here is to get into a regular routine of drawing things I'm not necessarily comfortable with, in an effort to better round out my personal capabilities as an artist. All patrons are invited to stop in and watch as I fumble through the pain to improvement!

(Times and content schedule to be announced!)

*These first three Daily FP's will be visible to all viewers. Please consider becoming a patron to get total access to daily uploads and special content!


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    The axe man is fantasticly drawn. The fingers! The folds in his skirt(?)! It's simply astonishing.

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      Heee! That one was the longest and final of the series (30mins). The ones at the top are 30 seconds each, and those to the right are (I think) around four minutes. They are all based upon picture references that are randomly selected and displayed back to back for varying amounts of time.
      They can be really challenging, but are also excellent practice for breaking an art block and getting some new content in! I always feel so nervous when I start one of these, but the end result always makes it worthwhile because I learn so much!

      Thank you!!

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    Some good sketches here! I think I like the ballerina one the best :D Just 'cause her outfit looks a bit like a saw blade, which is badass, lol. That kung fu kick is awesome too!