Carrot Thief! by HeavyHoss

Carrot Thief!


13 June 2015 at 09:02:57 MDT

One (apparently VERY hungry) Gypsy Vanner seems to have snuck in and helped himself to some carrots. Whether or not he can fit back out the gate, however, is another story...

Done as a commission for The-Shetland of his Gypsy Vanner hoss.
Thanks a bunch man! :D Hope you like it!


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    I have an enormous carrot farm in Minecraft, and this would be my favorite thing to donate my surplus to~

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      I think I could live on your server. xD Forever!

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        Do you play Minecraft? I would LOVE to have you on once I have the server running. =D (Just need a little extra income to finance it.)