Jumbo Judy Fundraiser (Held by Blue) by Heartman98

Jumbo Judy Fundraiser (Held by Blue)


10 February 2017 at 14:36:00 MST

and welcome to Jumbo Judy, a fundraiser I have crafted. See, I am in a bind for finances but I don't like the idea of just asking for donations for nothing, plus I find people tend to give if they get something out of it. So I joined up with another great artist names Heartman98. The idea is to take a skinner character and put on the weight.

So let’s start with this cute little bunny, Judy Hopp from Zootpia.


*This is a fundraiser to help Judy become a wide wabbit.
*Your donations will add to her girth (ya know… make her fat.)
*$1 USD = 1lb of fat
*Donations should be sent via paypal to illuminaughtyshop[at]yahoo.com
*PLEASE when you send your payment, send a note (via paypal) writing your FA name and url and that you are donating to
Jumbo Judy, otherwise we’ll just assume it’s just a donation because surprisingly enough we do get those from time to time.
You can send me a note here on FA as well if you so prefer just let us know what your name is on PayPal so we can cross reference you.
*We will draw a picture every time $100 USD are donated.
*There's no "goal" to reach with this weight gain drive. It’s just a sort of monthly personal challenge to make some scratch and give ya something to enjoy. We’ll run this from February 9th the 28th, which if this was a well-received venture then maybe for March we choose a new subject.

If you have any more questions, ask in the comments below
Thank you very much for your attention and hope you have fun with this, we know we will.
If you don’t want to donate that’s ok! At least try to spread the word, it will help greatly!

Drawing by Heartman98
Coloring dablueguy

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    She's a good girl. :D

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