Thoughts in Black & White - $10 Commissions! by HB

Thoughts in Black & White - $10 Commissions!


31 January 2014 at 17:44:08 MST

  • My older brother is getting married February 28th!

  • I don't have the funds to attend! ;;
    (my grandma was going to pay but we had a falling out, so I wasn't prepared, see also journal about not going back to school now ;__

  • Just need monies for gas and food.

  • As a tribute to the Black & White wedding, I am offering $10 ink portraits like this! (700x500)

  • Also positive thoughts! You or your character can be saying anything sweet or neutral like “I love astronauts!” to “Rollercoasters are great!” Positive thinking helps lead to happiness. :3

  • Celebrate love, friendship and good times with me and help me get to my brothers wedding!

  • These take me 30 mins so your order will be completed the same day you pay. :D

  • Limited time offer.

  • Comment or note with info! You may order as many as you like. Be sure to include a reference image and what you would like to be saying! (I have the right to decline your thought bubble idea, keep it PG please!)

  • Paypal: jmej939 @ (order is confirmed once payment is received)

+++These can be done for Valentine's Day! Surprise your sweetie or best friend of ferret!

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