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Neon The Unicollie [Old Art] by Hazel3

Neon The Unicollie [Old Art]


Here's an old art + old character! :D This is Neon, she's a border collie who also has a bit of unicorn in her ^w^ whichh explains the unicorn horn and sparkly tail :D Guess she's kinda like a sparkledog, hehe X3

I was tryna develop her through roleplaying in the past, but I guess I sorta put her aside when I felt she needed more work.. ^-^; I think the basic personality I thought of really suited her tho :3 She is my first ever magic user oc and I remember how I worried I was about accidently making her a marysue.. <X3 But! she was made in 2017, the same year I started making ocs for the first time ever, so I was still very new to adding special magic, powers, and abilities to characters. I now have several mage characters of my own, so I think I feel more confident on developing Neon's magical abilities now ^w^ Neon is a very helpful unicollie who likes to see what she can do to help, even if she accidently messes up sometimes.. ^-^; <-- That was the kind of personality she started off with, I kinda like it so I think I'll keep it and see if I can try to develop it from here ^w^ Since I have developed a universe for my characters ( I don't think my ocs use to have one mind you :o ), Neon will be a mage student at the crystalness magic school, run by the wizard teacher Alfie

I have alot of queer girl characters like Sakura, Yuki, and even Tiny, so I think Neon will be straight ^w^ I kinda need more straight gals and I think it suits her :D funny thing, it's kinda the opposite way around for my boy characters, I need to make more queer lads cos I already have a few straight ones. Then again, Izzy is aro ace aswell and he's also a comfort character so I would say he's queer ^-^ aros and aces are part of the lgbtqia+ and I just so happen to be one too ^w^

Anywho, there's your bit of oc history from me plus a few facts here and there, hope you found that interesting aaand I hope you like my character ^w^
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