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Starfish! (Without Background) [Art Fight] by Hazel3

Starfish! (Without Background) [Art Fight]


Here! Made this a short while ago for Scratchykit5743 Scratchykit5743 :3 It's another version of this pic, thought I'd make a version without the background as I felt I could've done better with the background :3 But hey at least Scratchy now has a choice of which version she'd like to use ^w^ Or she can use both if she wanted ;3

Been meaning to upload this at some point so I finally got around to it :3 Non background versions of art and fanart can be really handy sometimes if you plan on using it for some things ^w^ Also sorry if he looks like he has one arm, he don't really tho I was attempting to make the body face sideways but I guess it can be hard to tell sometimes figofioigogidogidougfodifogifog

Anywho, that wraps up for this year's Art Fight and I'll see you guys in the next one! Thank you all for all the amazing gifts you've given me and I hope you enjoy what I've given you too! :D I look forward to joining yous next year! ^-^
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