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Hazel Fursuit V2 - WIP 2 by Hazel3

Hazel Fursuit V2 - WIP 2


Moar progress on dis gal here =D It's my first time doing a moving jaw fursuit head! And I've come up with my own method too! ^w^ I'll be doing a tutorial about the whole progress of making a fursuit head, so do stay tuned! :D I'm a new maker but I'll be happy to share what I've learnt with you guys ^w^
I also have another suit in progress which is Zack's cat form :3 He also has a moving jaw that works just like this one! ^-^ Kitty Zack was actually the first suit I tried out when making my new moving jaw method, but his suit has been delayed for a bit so I can work on other projects. I will work on him later tho!

Anywho, I hope you like how this new suit of Hazel is coming along! :D I'm tryna go for a more kemono look, or kemotoony I should call it, since my artstyle is cartoonime :3
You can find the previous progress here!
More progress still to come! Stay tuned! (≧◡≦)/) ~☆

Please do not steal my character(s)! They belong to me, not you.
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And please do not criticise! I refuse to be criticised so please accept that.
Oh and don't use my photo without permission. ‾ʌ‾

Pleease be nice when commenting!
Feel free to check out my other works too! I work so hard but it's always fun. :3

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Thanks for checking out my works! meep meep! ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ


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    I imagine what the full costume of your avatar would look like

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      I'm sure it'll turn out well :3

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    That's so awesome!! :D

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      thanks! ^-^