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Hazel's Sketch Dump by Hazel3

Hazel's Sketch Dump


Here are some sketchies I did! ^-^ Can you guess the characters in sketch form? :D I'll give you a hint: there are a few copies of the same ocs in the same pic :3

Once these are all done, they'll all be in their own separate pics :3 Don't worry, I never include copies of the same character in the same pic unless it's for a ref sheet or comic UwU like if there was lots of Codys all over the place being hyper then that would be awkward.. XD that's why I don't clone my characters lol

Btw the Witch Hazel sketch has a similar expression to one of my badges on my backpack :3 Her expression be inspired by Eevee with a flower crown! ^-^

¡Hay mucho arte! :D Trabajaré en estos más :3

Just a friendly reminder that my Ask OCs thingy is still open, so feel free to ask away! :D

Please do not steal my character(s)! They belong to me, not you.
Don't add offensive tags cos ya know, it's just unnecessary.. ­ ╮(╯-╰)╭
And please do not criticise! I refuse to be criticised so please accept that.
Oh and don't steal any of my artwork in any sort of way. ‾ʌ‾

Pleease be nice when commenting!
Yep, fanart is welcomed as I truly appreciate gifts! ≧◡≦
Feel free to check out my other works too! I work so hard but it's always fun. :3

If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.
Thanks for checking out my works! meep meep! ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ

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