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Hazel Fursuit - WIP 4 by Hazel3

Hazel Fursuit - WIP 4


Here's Hazel all ready to be furred! Almost there, so far so good! :D
I'm just really happy that my first fursuit has the kemono look to it! ^w^ I was planning to make kemono fursuits but then I decided I was gonna start with toony instead, as I felt it might of been easier for a new maker like me. But this turned out to have the kemono style already, even though I was making a toony suit! I'm really happy about that! ^-^

Also here's a preview video! I ran outta duct tape on this video so I was able to test the ear's movement when I nod :>
If you're interested, you can follow me on Vimeo! I upload there instead now cos YouTube is not what it use to be, they're so strict now that I fear they're gonna ban me or something.. :< Eh, Vimeo needs more videos anyway.. ‾ɯ‾ I'll still watch YouTube videos however! :3

Check out my other progress pics here!
See the finished result!

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