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Max's Reference Sheet by Hazel3

Max's Reference Sheet


Artist Notes
Max does not have 4 ears! He doesn't have human ears! Max is a neko/kemonomimi and does not "wear" his ears and tail, they're actually part of him.
Max has a droopy ear. One of his ears works fine but the other can't move much. Please pay attention to which one's his lazy ear, as that one often stays down/drooped
He has freckles on his cheeks. Don't forget it!
Find out more about Max on Toyhouse

Ayyy I finally finished it! ^w^ This here is a reference sheet of Max, one of my alltime favourite characters along with Cody! :D Please remember to use this if you ever wanna draw my character Maxwell! :3
Max is a kemonomimi wolf. He is grumpy in a funny way like Squidward, Grinch (Jim Carrey one), Muta (from The Cat Returns). He is also best buddies with Cody, even though Cody can get really annoying at times lol

Update: Edited to explain his personality more accurately and rename one of his outfits

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