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Super Crash 3D World DLC- Character Icons by HazardDan

Super Crash 3D World DLC- Character Icons


1 January 2015 at 03:45:07 MST

Okey dokey! Here is the completed set of icons for the Super Crash 3D World DLC!

So, the idea of this is that what if Super Mario 3D World had a special DLC pack that included Crash Bandicoot protagonists. This came from playing the Sonic Lost World DLC packs- the Yoshi's Island and Legend of Zelda DLCs. Last time I checked, neither series has ANYTHING to do with Sonic.

... so, it gave me the idea to do the same for Super Mario 3D World, except now with Crash characters (Crash, Coco, Crunch, Pasadena and Tawna), Crash-based levels, and also featuring Crash-based attacks for each of them, similarly to 3D World.

Crash Bandicoot

Speed: +++--
Sprint: +++--
Jump: +++--
Special: Death Tornado Spin (Crash can use his signature spin attack to mow down enemies. It can also be used to hover in the air momentarily.)

Coco Bandicoot

Speed: +++--
Sprint: ++---
Jump: +++++
Special: Double Jump (Coco can jump again in mid-air.)

Crunch Bandicoot

Speed: ++---
Sprint: ++++-
Jump: +----
Special: Super Ground Pound (Crunch's Ground Pound has a bigger hit radius.)

Pasadena Opossum

Speed: +++++
Sprint: +----
Jump: +++--
Special: Tail-Copter (Pasadena can hover in the air after jumping.)

Tawna Bandicoot (Hidden Character)

Speed: +----
Sprint: +++++
Jump: ++++-
Special: Wumpa-Zooka (Tawna uses the Wumpa-Zooka to attack from long distances.)

Yeah, that's the idea. Tell me what you guys think of the idea!

And let this mark the beginning of finishing up unfinished businesses for 2015! See you guys later!

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    :o Crash Bandicoot! Wonderful icons, love the style! :)