[Skunk Fu!] Fox by HazardDan (critique requested)

[Skunk Fu!] Fox (critique requested)


7 October 2013 at 02:14:46 MDT


(DISCLAIMER: I encourage you guys to play the "Kung Fu Panda/Skunk Fu!" drinking game! Take a shot every time I make a reference to Kung Fu Panda and take two shots when I compare the two. But don't do this unless you have a buddy with a driver's license in case you need to drive home- odds are, you won't make it without being inebriated in SOME level.)

And, no, it's the Fox you're thinking of- this Fox is grounded, is in (possibly) a different time period AND culture, does Kung Fu, and most importantly of all: is a GIRL.

As you can tell from the title, she's from a show called Skunk Fu!... if you want to be a smartass (and know computing), you can call it the Alpha of Kung Fu Panda, only with less clever writing, less memorable characters, lamer lessons, the comedy is hit-or-MASSIVELY-miss, and comparing animation is out of the question. The fighting is decent, though.

Okay, okay, it sounds like I'm tearing the show apart, now to be fair, it's not that bad, but it's nothing spectacular- odds are, you'll forget about it in a weekend. However, what DOES stand out about the show is the style- I'm a sucker for shows with creative styles like this- and now that I think I've nailed my own, I've decided to combine Skunk Fu!'s style with mine and- Voila! You get MY version of Fox.

Now, Fox is arguably the most memorable character on the show, for a number of reasons- if you're comparing this to Kung Fu Panda, then Fox's equivalent would be Tigress, though Fox is MUCH kinder. Fox is one of- I want to say- only two female characters on the show; the other one is an old turtle lady, but I can't remember for sure. 50 bucks says her name is Mrs. Turtle.

So... yeah, if you're still comparing the show to Kung Fu Panda, then you can guess that this show does the Kung Fu Panda thing of naming its characters after their respective fighting styles in actual Kung Fu... though, this is not NEARLY as clever, because I know for a FACT there is no Fox Style, no Rabbit Style, I'm not sure if Baboon style counts, but I'm sure as HELL there's no Skunk Style.

Okay, okay, I know I keep comparing this show to Kung Fu Panda like it's some type of cheap rip-off, but Skunk Fu! actually predates Kung Fu Panda by roughly 10 months before the films release... actually, that's NOT a very long time gap if you think about it... I DO wonder though...

... what was I talking about? Oh! Right, Fox! Um... so, about Fox, one thing that I remember about her is her voice... and I have to say, her voice is... weird. I honestly can't tell if she has an accent or some sort of affectation, but her voice sounds slightly British... I-I don't know how to describe it. It's one of those "Where the hell is she from?!" type of accents. It's not bad or hard to understand... I just don't recognize it!

Anyway, as you guys might tell, I did the same thing with Fox as I did with Gloria not too long ago- I also gave her clothes because... durr. I wanted to make her style of clothing seem athletic, something fitting for an action girl, somebody really flexible- and I'm not even going to go there, because the joke is too damn easy.

Also, foxy booty. 'nuff said. :cool:

Don't look at me! I didn't design her with those HIPS, man! I just modified the design!

Also, this isn't leading up to anything big. Nooot at aaaaall...




Also, Kung Fu Panda. Why? Because I'm not going to stop until somebody's drunk. I'm THAT evil. c;<

Fox, Skunk Fu! © Cake Entertainment

Art © :iDannyDukeHazardicon:

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    She's a great character ^^