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The TUFFvengers: Age of Flirting by HazardDan

The TUFFvengers: Age of Flirting


3 December 2016 at 01:13:06 MST

... what do you mean that's not how the movie went?

Anyway, Happy Halloween, guys~! Yes, I know it's late, just roll with it. Here we have Dudley dressed up as everyone's favorite hulking beast of power... the Hulk, but what's this? A new challenger approaches! A polar bear that's dressed like Black Widow, but who is it? It's actually a character by a good friend of mine, Lola Frostki, created by TheSharkragon, who has her costume, red hair, and... the attitude for the character. ;)

I do have to admit, I actually surprise myself on how close I get to matching the style of the show, though with my own touches added here and there. :B So I hope you guys enjoy my little Halloween cheer! ;D

Dudley Puppy and TUFF Puppy © Nickelodeon
The Hulk, Black Widow, and Marvel's Avengers © Marvel Comics
Lola Frostki created by :iconthesharkmaster:
Art by HazardDan