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"I'll get that hedgeh- bobcat!" by HazardDan

"I'll get that hedgeh- bobcat!"


9 April 2016 at 11:09:08 MDT

Wow, I'm getting REAL obscure for this one!

So... did you guys know I did a Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 1990's list? Well... guess who didn't make the cut, but SHOULD have been on there?

That's right none other than that ear-grating little asshole that goes by the name of Bubsy. Oh, Bubsy... how I hate thee. See, the Bubsy cartoon pilot was a finalist for the list, and if I had counted it for the list, it would have made it to either #5 or #4, if not #3, but because it was only a pilot, that means that someone had the common sense to end the pain and suffering before it began. So... why am I telling you about this? Ah, because it explains this plump little lady over here.

This is... Ally Cassandra (I'm... guessing it's supposed to be a play on 'alley cat' but even Bubsy managed to fuck it up), she's the main antagonist of the pilot. She's nothing more than just your stereotypical vain villain who wants what the hero is after but she's going to use it for her evil purpose of being... rich and glamorous... even though she already is.

Don't ask- it'll make your brain hurt if I have to explain it. Let's just say the pilot is really, really, really bad at common sense.

So... now for the second question you may be wondering: "Danny? Why did you draw her? Also, do you have brain damage?" Well, to answer the questions out of order: possibly. Also, because... well, I thought she could make good fapping drawing material for later. Plus, she's... useful for drawing different body types...?

... not convinced? Yeah, me neither. Well, you can blame AnarchyintheNYC for this one- it's all HIS fault, and you should all make him... go see Norm of the North as punishment! It's only fair, if you ask me.

... enjoy?

Uh... Ally, Bubsy © Don't know, don't care
Art disowned by HazardDan

I'm honestly curious to see how many people will demand for me to draw smut of her now.