[Collab] Hips Can't Lie by HazardDan

[Collab] Hips Can't Lie


14 October 2015 at 15:23:04 MDT

Oh, hey- look guys, MORE BUTTS. Are you sick of them yet?! I sure aren't!

I sweeeear, I'll go back to my regular schedule after this pic- it's just another short and sweet collab between, yours truly, and a very, very good friend of mine AnarchyInTheNYC), who's trying (and actually doing pretty good, so far) to get back into the art game and do more drawing and coloring. And he's a pretty damn good writer, so I recommend him; he's got a pretty good groove going, so far, so I'm sure he'll do more. And I'm pretty sure this is only the first of more collabs to come between us.

So, yeah- this is the Gazelle pic from the sketch dump I posted earlier, with a few alterations. 1) It's, in color now, obviously. It was all colored by AnarchyInTheNYC, while I provided the clean linework. 2) I added a bit more to it in the form of the wily Nick Wilde. I think he very much approves of her "backstage pass"~ ;D I'll show myself the way out.

So, I hope you guys enjoy.

Gazelle and Nick Wilde/Zootopia © Disney
Line art by HazardDan
Coloring by AnarchyInTheNYC
Expect a NSFW follow-up to this in the near future.