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Hunting Treasure by HazardDan

Hunting Treasure


Aaaand here it is, guys! Happy, happy, happy birthday to a big friend of mine, :iconshinragod:, who I bet some of you know, and he's a fantastic artist- so I wanted to draw something special for him. :D

So, if you guys saw my gift from last year, then you can figure that I love drawing his characters- namely his TUFF Puppy characters because they are so well-designed and really fun characters, also some are smoking hot but I've only drawn Lady Malmsteen, so I wanted to take a stab at another one of his girls, Lizzy McDinga- an Australian hunter with a big ass and a short fuse. ;D

So, the idea for here is that Lizzy was brought in for Quacky's show (or whoever the hell runs it now) brought into Counting Cougar's segment. Why would Lizzy participate in a children's show? Well, hunting jobs haven't exactly been very prevalent, and a girl's gotta pay her bills, somehow. And lucky her, she just so happened to call in during a VERY special day because a certain... little boy (No guesses at figuring out who THAT is XD) is celebrating his birthday and wanted something special to happen in the show. So, now the two predators are hunting for this hidden treasure (which is probably something like chocolate coins or a buss pass :B) to send to the "young boy".

Cougar is VERY aware of the audience she attracts, so she decides to take a different approach to her segment now that she has a partner to work with. Not to spoil anything, but Lizzy is going to be retaught 1+1, is you catch my drift~ ;P

And yes, I tried to do the TUFF style once again- I think I did a LOT better this time, especially on Cougar's face. Lame background is lame, but blame the studio and their cheap screens. XP

Enough rambling- I hope you love the gift, Shinra! It's always a pleasure to draw your characters! ;)

Lizzy McDinga © Shinragod
Art by Blu3Danny
Counting Cougar/TUFF Puppy © Nickelodeon