[NEW] OC Height Chart by Haulau

[NEW] OC Height Chart


23 January 2014 at 08:43:24 MST

EDIT 23/1/14::: Added a new character, Minty-kun! Other than that, nothing new to note here. Oh yeah, I'm also debating taking out Brine and Candy Corn, but I'll take some more time to think it through before I decide and all. ¯(ツ)
EDIT #2::: Fixed their heights to actually be accurate this time and added info for Brine and Candy Corn. Also took out Grishünte and that one OC I scrapped.
EDIT::: Added short bios for now. Next up... everyone's getting revamps! Look out for that someday!

F*** YEAH, HEIGHT CHARTS (≧∇≦)ノ*:・゚✧

Got rid of my old one since not only did it look terrible, but... yeah ok, it looked terrible. ;v;

In short, this is kinda like a directory for all my characters-- for example, if/when I finish individual references for them, I will link that and anything relevant to that character here. When more characters pop up, naturally I'll add them into this, so keep checking back, ne?
It's also handy for putting them side by side and noticing who needs a revamp the most. Like, uhh, Lael. He's the problem one. |||(´・∀・)

The characters are, from left to right and in order of creation:::

  • Kizuna (???)
  • Tawn Holcott (2009-2010)
  • Lael Hallion (early 2011)
  • Eve Hallion (early 2011, but finally drawn on 22/5/12)
  • The White Rabbit (mid 2012)
  • Brine (mid 2011, but finally drawn on 30/8/12)
  • Candy Corn (mid 2012)

Now, here's a short bio for each of them until I get off my ass and make a full ref for everyone
A fox-soul Carrier whose name means "bonds". Age undisclosed. She has a strong affinity with thunder/lightning and can control it to an extent. Likes teriyaki, aburage, shoyu ramen, thunderstorms, causing mischief and the colour orange. Has a photographic memory. It has been supposed that she is not actually a Carrier, but something far more sinister. A few years back she decided she'd take up residence with Tawn, unbeknownst to him. Where exactly she lives in his house is still a mystery~

Note that currently, this version of Kizuna on the height chart is her Alternate-Universe form (where she is (almost) fully human due to being used for OCTs and such). Once I have redesigned her True form, I'll update things accordingly.
An 18-year old owl-soul Carrier hailing from the small desert frontier of Orinoco. Likes cakes, teas, candies, fruits and other sweet foods. Good with animals. Doesn't seem to have any real powers or skills, appearing completely and utterly average, although that doesn't stop him from doing what he can to the best of his ability. Has some sort of dysfunctional half-relationship going on with Kizuna.

Note that currently, this version of Tawn on the height chart is his Alternate-Universe form, used for :devDW-Championship:. Once I have redesigned his True form, I'll update things accordingly.
A mysterious young man from places unknown. Claims to be 20 years old, but it is uncertain whether that is his real age or not. Has heterochromia iridium, with one eye green and the other blue. Likes hot summer nights, good company and great food, among other things. Although he seems like a bit of a player from outward appearance, he's a real gentleman deep down. Having had his younger sister Eve taken from him about a year ago, he now spends every waking moment searching for her whereabouts.

Note that currently, this version of Lael on the height chart is his Alternate-Universe form, used for :devTheDigitalWar:. Once I have redesigned his True form, I'll update things accordingly.
An innocent girl of mysterious origins, who looks to be around 12 years old or so (if that is indeed her real age at all). Likes books and literature, making things to gift to others, singing and the arts in general. Sweet, kind and various other desirable traits mixed into one, to be honest, it's not hard to believe that there's more to her than meets the eye. She disappeared almost without a trace one year ago, leaving her older brother Lael to go in search of her. Wherever could she be?

Note that currently, this version of Eve on the height chart is her Alternate-Universe form, used for :devCarbonsHQ:. Her True form is essentially the same, but is younger and smaller in appearance.
Admittedly, this was due to an error in planning, as when I drew her for the group, I had to bump up her age to meet requirements. Even still, she turned out looking far older than she should since I don't often draw children...
A rabbit-soul Carrier, thief and mischief-maker from the temperate wetland village of Karuda. Questionably ambiguous about his or her gender (but referred to with a male pronoun, as per personal preference). Was given the nickname "the White Rabbit", although no-one knows what his real name actually is. Tends to hang out around the areas between the Thermal Bayou and Purity Forest. It has been said that he has links to S.E.N.T.Y.R's brass, as he has supposedly been spotted with Coordinator Suzaku multiple times.
A small water-sprite who makes her home in cold bodies of water. Brine shy, friendly and generous, but can be very mischievous at times-- all in good nature of course. Has a bit of a reckless streak. Likes cold, deep water, crunchy foods, exploring and causing mischief. She treasures her dubloon very much, calling it her “lucky luck coin”, and she has a slight verbal tic, ending a lot of her sentences with “brawr”. She spends a lot of time by herself because most sprites find her appearance startling, and flee at the first sight of her.

Note that she is not a part of Project Foxglove, having been made as a character for an RP group instead. However, her app was rejected, so now she's just another ordinary OC of mine.
Candy Corn describes herself as having a "sugar-and-spice" personality with an overly sunny outlook on life. Cheerful, upbeat and perky, she rarely ever lets anything get her down. Likes watermelons, autumn, cloud-watching, rainy days and cute, fluffy things. She belongs to a group of rabbit-like creatures called Chiots, who aim to explore and discover the secrets behind their world of Skaia.

Note that she is not a part of Project Foxglove, having been made as a character for an RP group instead.
A mint mousse cake gijinka with a rather eccentric and extravagant personality. Fickle, prissy and just a tad selfish, he's the sort of rich character you can only handle in moderation. Likes classical music, kodona/ouji-style clothing, cute nigurumi and certain... questionable works of fiction. Although he acts all high-and-mighty with his claims of royalty and being a “decadent dessert”, he's really all talk and none of the above.

Note that he is not a part of Project Foxglove, having been made as a character for GDA instead.

Art and characters (c) myself, obviously~

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