Champion [Strixmon] by Haulau

Champion [Strixmon]


23 January 2014 at 08:29:15 MST

Just two quick uploads for today-- this one's Strixmon's Champion form, Kauzmon!

I still need to draw up a quick reference for the back spikes mentioned in her bio, so bear with me for now, ne? I do have 13 years of sleep to catch up on n' all |D


Kauzmon (JP: カウズモン):::

Digivolution Level: Champion
Attribute: Data
Type: Large Owl Digimon
Family(s): Wind Guardians
Digivolves From: Strixmon
Digivolves To: PanzerKauzmon


Aerial Tunnel: Soars high into the atmosphere, spinning and turning into a twister upon re-entry to tear through the foe.
Wing Tremor: Flaps her wings once with such a force that the ground cracks and distorts from the pressure.
Sand Veil: Whips up a barrier of rocks, sand and heavy wind to defend against enemy intrusion


A large owl Digimon whose name is derived from the German word "waldkauz", meaning "tawny owl". Kauzmon have quietened down in comparison to their previous forms, and are now-- almost literally-- gentle giants. Having traded a fraction of their speed for mass, they are among one of the largest Champion-level Digimon in the whole Digital World. Kauzmon are usually motherly in nature and will take care of any lower-level Digimon they come across. Of course, this also means that if angered, they become quite a force to be reckoned with! Although they don't have as many markings as their previous form, in return Kauzmon have three teal spikes jutting from their back which give off a luminescent glow at night and act as a beacon for guiding lost chicks back to the flock.


A few concept sketches can be seen here!


Kauzmon (c) myself~
Digimon (c) Bandai

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