A Soul's Weight in Silver by Haulau

A Soul's Weight in Silver


23 January 2014 at 07:52:14 MST

//reposting from dA (2013)

Bahaha, I bet you [the few Watchers I have left] weren't expecting something like this from me, were you? To be honest, I shouldn't have been working on something like this... I really should have been focusing on some of the long-overdue art that I owe instead, haha x3

But anyway! I've been stressed out trying to get everything done to please every newt-gingritch ever before my final year of schooling starts up ((next week btw)), so this was made to help blow some steam, and to get in a little style practice too. So what exactly is it, you ask? A wallpaper of my SoulSilver team, of course!

Now, for a little story.

You see, when I went away on that cruise around New Zealand, I took my trusty old GBA and one single game with me for downtime entertainment; Pokemon Gold. I forgot that older games like those have an in-game timer, but it didn't occur to me until way later... either way, I picked this game over Blue or Yellow due to it being one with a save game I didn't mind deleting. Anyway, I started up a bet with my sister whilst in the airport that I could name all the Pokemon I catch after alcoholic beverages, cocktails and whatnot. I picked a Totodile, called him Mojito and played through a little bit before growing bored, saving, and turning it off for a while. When we landed in Sydney, I checked my game to find that the save had been deleted, much to my dismay. Needless to say, I thought nothing of it and started a new game (picking a Cyndaquil named Kahlua every time), only to find the same scenario happening each time I turned the game off. Eventually I gave up trying to play it, having gone through twenty or so save games before I realised why it was doing it.

Now, jumping to later on in the cruise. Booting up the game again one night before New Years Eve, I was determined to get as far in the game as I possibly could, in the hopes that the memory chip might just remember my current save for once. I picked yet another Cyndaquil which I named Kahlua, who this time happened to be of the relatively uncommon female-starter variety. I fought my way up to Ecruteak City using just Kahlua alone, and by midnight we reached the Tin Tower. I had grown quite fond of my little lv.35 Quilava by then, and was sad that I'd have to let her go in the end... but I gave her a Rare Candy and evolved her into Typhlosion, and it was in that tower that I saved for the final time and turned off the power. Needless to say, the in-game timer ran out an hour later and the save file dissipated into nothing like always, but I made a firm promise to restart my SoulSilver upon my return home and reclaim my former partner, so we could continue our journey in a cartridge that wasn't on its last legs.

And so Kahlua was revived, now joined with a few new friends! Eventually I started running out of names (alcohol isn't a particularly strong subject of mine), so I widened the theme-naming to cover any type of liquid beverage, alcoholic or not. As of last night we've reached Blackthorn City, but I need to stop and train my other Pokemon, haha 'cause I still keep trying to use just Kahlua for everything so they're all like, 30+ levels below her x'3

Now for the technical side of things. Each of my Pokemon of mine has a hold item ((barring Merlot 'cause I haven't gotten hers yet~)), but I could only fit three into the picture. The items go as follows;

  • Kahlua -- Amulet Coin
  • Tequila -- Poison Barb
  • Blanc -- Silk Scarf
  • Merlot -- /none/ ((soon to be Spell Tag))
  • Spritz -- Mystic Water
  • Cider -- Miracle SeedThe most obvious change would be to Blanc's item, the Silk Scarf, as it would have blended in with him had I left it white. I have no idea where Tequila's Poison Barb would go, so I skipped that one out... and my explanation for Cider's Miracle Seed is that he, well... ate it? “o3o

Anyway, I'm going to stop rambling now. Enjoy your day, everyone! ╰(*^▽^)9
Also, I might offer this as a commission style if people like it enough...~ c;

Kahlua, Tequila, Blanc, Merlot, Spritz, Cider & art (c) myself~
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

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